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Domestic Arts Show

    Domestic Arts projects must be completed in the last year. Limit 2 entries per sub-category.

    Registration material is available in the link below or picked up in advance at The Farmers Wife in Jesup. Please fill out as much as possible in advance to keep the registration process moving.

    All youth and adult entries will be checked in on Wednesday June 19th from 3:30 – 6:30 PM.  Closed judging will take place on Friday, June 21st. All entries will be open for viewing on Saturday, June 22nd after the Farmers Day

Parade. All youth entrants receive a ride ticket, which will be given at the time of entry check-in.

    Children 4 & under, with help from family members, may enter the category of “My First Show” and may submit only one item of their choice for judging.

     The categories listed here are for everyone but will be judged according to “My First Show” (0-4), Pre-Jr. (5-9), Jr. (10-18), & Adult classes. Farmers Day Domestic Arts Committee will add additional classes if needed.

Prizes are $? – 1st, $? – 2nd, $? – 3rd, $? Participant (Kids only)

Category 1 – Home Arts & Crafts

  1. Holiday item (Party table favors, seasonal, graduation, etc.)

  2. Treasure from trash

  3. Decorative items for the home

  4. Scrapbooking (must be 5 pages or more)

  5. Original Art – Using one or more of paper, fiber, clay, leather, textile, wood, glass, plastic, metal, chalk, pigment paint or natural material

  6. Model building (cars, planes, rockets or other)

  7. Computer generated project

  8. Hand crafted item with Farmers Day theme

  9. Genealogy

  10. Fresh flower arrangement

  11. Silk flower arrangement

  12. Woodworking – Decorative

  13. Woodworking – Furniture

  14. Historical

  15. Jewelry

  16. Decorated item to wear

  17. Dish garden (decorative)

  18. Farmers Day theme – “Footprints Through Time

  19. Poured paint

Category 2 - Photography
Size 5x7, specify film or digital; photos must be matted or mounted on something stronger than the photo itself, and protected in a clear plastic covering. Only the photo will be judged.

  1. Black & white people

  2. Black & white landscape

  3. Color people

  4. Color landscape

  5. Black & white animals

  6. Color animals

  7. Farmers Day 2023

  8. Still life – black & white

  9. Still life – color

  10. Series (3 or more)

  11. Computer Enhanced

  12. Action – color

  13. Action – black & white

  14. 2024 Farmers Day theme – “Footprints Through Time

Category 3 - Needlework

  1. Machine sewn item

  2. Crochet item

  3. Knitted item

  4. Hand quilted item

  5. Machine quilted item

  6. Counted cross-stitch, pattern or stamped

  7. Appliqued item

  8. Handmade item, mixed techniques, made with thread or yarn not included above

  9. Bed covering

  10. Hand embroidered item

  11. Decorated wearable article of clothing – example something appliqued or tie-dyed

  12. Purses

  13. Pieced together item

  14. Farmers Day theme – “Footprints Through Time

Category 4 – Food & Nutrition

  1. Angel Food Cake

  2. White cake – not a mix

  3. Chocolate cake – not a mix

  4. Carrot cake

  5. Miscellaneous cake – All cakes must be 8”x8”x2”, unfrosted and removed from pan; placed on cardboard 1 inch larger than item and covered with plastic

  6. Fresh fruit pie

  7. Oatmeal cookies (6 in sealable bag)

  8. Sugar cookies (6 in sealable bag)

  9. Chocolate chip cookies (6 in sealable bag)

  10. Miscellaneous cookies (6 in sealable bag)

  11. White or dark bread, standard size loaf

  12. Plain or fancy yeast sweet rolls (6 in sealable bag)

  13. Nutritious muffins (6 on plate)

  14. Nutritious bread, standard size loaf

  15. Nutritious bar or cookies (6 in sealable bag, 2”x2”)

  16. Cookie or bar made from a cake mix (6 in sealable bag)

  17. Candy

  18. Frosted or decorated cake or cupcake

  19. Any food item with Farmers Day theme – “Footprints Through Time

  20. Snack or trail mix


All Food & Nutrition entries must be in sealable bags or on paper plates or cardboard covered with plastic wrap and include recipe.

One piece of the winning food items will be displayed as the winner. The rest will be served during an open viewing by the public on Saturday. All items must be removed between 3-3:30 PM Saturday. Items not picked up by 4 PM become the property of the organizers.

Medal winners: please get a photo with your entry when you pick it up.

Professionals are encouraged to display their items at the Authors, Artists & Photographers Expo. Space is limited. You must be signed up in advance for the professional display. The Expo will be open on Saturday following the Parade until 4 PM

Any questions, contact

Marie Schares at 319-415-9020 or

Pat McIntosh at 827-2123

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