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3 on 3 Outdoor Basketball Tournament

Games will be played outdoors at the Jesup Basketball Court on the corner of Young and 5th Street.

Games begin at noon on Saturday June 22nd, 2024.

Price will be $30

Registration will close on June 23rd!


  • 15 minute games with a running clock until the final minute

  • OT: Sudden Death - First Team to score wins (even or odd from the ref determines the first chance to score)

  • Fouls: shoot 1 free throw worth 2 points on shooting fouls, check in on non shooting fouls. ALL fouls in the last 2 minutes = 1 Free throw worth 2 points

  • Rock/Paper/Scissors to determine starting possesion

  • Check in on any dead ball scenario- after made shots, after a non-shooting foul, after out of bounds, etc. there must be a CLEAN check. Offensive player CAN shoot and dribble outside of the 3pt. line but CANNOT drive past the 3pt. line

  • Check in after defensive rebound (including airballs)- rebounding player must take the ball at least one foot over the 3pt. line

  • 3pt. shots ARE allowed

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